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For the anon who was asking about biles in Iron Age Ireland, here’s some more general info. The author discusses more about the use of the bile in the Christian/Viking Era rather than the Iron Age, but still good info.

This is definitely interesting! 

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If you have a crescent-shaped mold and some wax, you can pour your own candle.

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  • Paraffin or soy candle wax
  • Wicking
  • Candle release spray
  • Crescent-shaped candle mold
  • Color and scent of your choice

If you’ve never made candles on your own before, be sure to…

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by me

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Abandoned 123 year old school

For sale: totally not haunted, we promise. Like we pinky swear. No wailing child ghosts. No endless walls of text about the coming of the end times appearing on chalk boards when you turn your back. No creepy singing. Totally cool.

plant blog

this is a building not a plant


I’d buy it, ghosts or no ghosts. Don’t give a flippity dippity, I ain’t scured. 

How much is it?

Bugger off I have dibs first. XD

Behold the witch village’s academy, pre-renovation. X3


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Views of a rearranged altar area. I’m pretty happy with it.

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Europe is not the center of spirituality, religion, herbs, or magic. There are civilizations that have been established thousands of years while Europeans were still in caves, with massive texts on herbs, religion, and magic.

Not to mention that there are plenty of books…

From Carol Holt Photography


One of my most favorite photographs that I took on my trip to the Oregon coast 

Apparently this is a digital manipulation, but it’s still beautiful, and no one really knows who did it.  Here’s a source for that, but it’s not the only place I saw that. I also found a copy with a link to this defunct Flickr account, so who knows. 


Mountain Forest by brodie.emery on Flickr.

Gu4ilan |Sea / Surf / Wave / Beach by Cuba Gallery|

Untitled by Stefan Georgi

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