people complaining about female thor messing with northern mythology obviously hasn’t realized that loki and thor were never brothers in mythology either. in fact, loki was actually odin’s brother. loki also turned himself into a female horse, bred with a stallion and gave birth to an eight-legged horse named sleipnir. marvel never covered that one, did they




Black Houses on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Gearrannan, on the west coast of Leòdhas, in the parish of Uig. If you take the bus to Calanais and continue on the circuit back to Steòrnabhagh, you can see pretty much every one of the top tourist attractions on the isle and still not see a tenth of all the things worth seeing on Leòdhas. 




I got bored yesterday, and attempted to put on some pictish war paint.

Not bad, I’d suggest using some more Pictish symbols from the surviving stones, like these:


You should look in to some late La Téne designs as well.

Also a very interesting fact is that we have mistranslated Caesar’s account. We think that the war paint/tattoos (huge debate) were “woad”, but it was actually “vitrum”.  Vitrum in Rome was the color of glass. It would have been a blue-green color such as teal, which works better since woad isn’t bright enough on skin to appear blue.

Reblogging because A) That looks awesome! And B) That last bit of historical info! 


Celtic Deck Discovery:

  • Arrin: omg guys http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/celtic-fairies/
  • Arrin: this exists
  • Arrin: the wheel look at him he is fab
  • Arrin: what even is going on in half of these
  • De: The Celtic Vaguely Pornographic Deck
  • Arrin: look at the sun
  • Arrin: i'm dying
  • Arrin: this is so odd
  • Arrin: http://www.crystalmagickwholesale.com/images/highres/KL178_5.jpg
  • Arrin: this is justice
  • De: whut
  • Arrin: look at these critters http://osiem.com.pl/images/fullsize/produkty/Tarot1/celtic_fairies_k2.jpg
  • Arrin: this deck is strange
  • Arrin: i almost want it just for the strangeness lmao it ca'nt make up it's mind if it wasnts to be cute, porny, pretty, or creepy
  • Felicity: omg what the fuck
  • Arrin: https://hudsonvalleytarot.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/cards-3_4.jpeg
  • Felicity: this is hilarious what
  • Arrin: i'm so sorry i can't stop
  • De: I'm still stuck on the sun's outfit
  • Felicity: is that a mankini
  • Arrin: this guy looks like prince namor http://as2.pl/images/celtic-fairies-tarot_1.jpg
  • Felicity: penis suspenders
  • Arrin: send help
  • Arrin: how are these all from the same deck
  • Arrin: who designed this what was going on in their brain