This is where I’ve been off to lately. Had a wonderful time at a wonderful adding of 2 of the sweetest people I know. And all in good ol’ Mirimar Beach, Florida.

Sorry I’ve been so absent lately.  This is a little bit of what I’ve been up to.  








A mom (Argentina) captures a strange creature while filming her son. She believes it to be a Duende, which is a fairy or goblin-like creature from Latin American or Filipino folklore.



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singingsparks asked:

Hello Bree, My name is Sparks and i was wondering if you could help me out little. I am a witch of several years but my path is really in the middle of a transition, I have been feeling a pull toward the Irish pantheon and Druidry for years but I have decided to make the dedication. The problem is I am having the hardest time finding good sources on the Irish pantheon. If you could help me find some links about the god/dess and mythology I would be very grateful, Thank you for you help and time.

breelandwalker answered:

Hello, witchling!

I don’t actually know a ton about the Gaelic Celt pantheon, aside from my own deities. Allow me to refer this to my esteemed colleagues.




Hi Sparks! I’m an Irish polytheist (primarily devoted to Flidais; I feel your pain on the lack of good sources, ugh). If you are looking for a good starting place, I’d recommend the site; the admin is nice and really great about posting accurate information (and she also has a tumblr: heelancoo). I’m not much help myself, as I’m rebuilding all of my bookmarks after losing them all, so themodernsouthernpagan, echtrai, nicstoirm, any sources for a newbie in need?

Thanks for the tag, Thain! Well, my first suggestion is always the lore itself. A huge portion of it is available on Mary Jones.

The next would be Gods & Heroes of the Celts by Marie-Louise Sjoestedt. It’s from the 80s, but it’s an excellent read, quick read, and usually under $8 USD.

You’re also more than welcome to pursue my Books & Resources tag. It’s more than just Gaelic Polytheism, but it’s the majority of it. Hope that’s helpful!!! And feel free to drop me a line, singingsparks!





Ran’s Runes (divination tool in honor of the sea goddess)

From a dream I had. A plain mason jar with sand, shells, rocks and sea glass from our local shores. Added in small blue garden stones with runes painted on them.

Simply turn and watch the changing sandscape until a rune - or several - are clearly visible to guide you. :)

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eraonadventures asked:

I'm pretty late from the 'free religious stuff' discussion, but for those interseted, the Yale has 2 religius studies online courses on their webpage. No fees, no registration and you can watch the course, download the transcript, the handouts and get a massive reading list. I've started the Introduction to the Old Testament and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Just thought I'd share.

whoreofabaddon answered:

This is wonderful.

Followers, please take note.



ciar lionheart’s one thousand follower giveaway

the books i ordered are in and so i can finally put this up! to celebrate reaching quadruple digits last month, and to spread some love for all the honour you do me by being here to enjoy my blog, i am hosting a small giveaway.

what you will get:

  • one copy of james mackillop’s myths and legends of the celts, which everyone interested in celtic mythology should read.
  • one copy of eloise mcgraw’s the moorchild, which was an extremely formative novel for me and draws very heavily on folk traditions surrounding the faeries of the scottish highlands.
  • one copy of holly black’s the poison eaters, which contains a collection of gorgeously written short stories, many about faeries, the majority with a delightfully ominous fairy tale atmosphere.
  • one hemp keychain or bracelet, custom made by me and charmed for whatever you desire. please note that the items in the photo are samples only—i will be making a single, individualized piece for the winner.


  • you do not have to be following me.
  • likes and reblogs both count.
  • you can reblog as many times as you want, but only one reblog shows up in the notes at a time so it won’t get you any extra entries.
  • you must have your ask box open so i can contact you in the event that you win. the winner will have forty-eight hours to respond before i select a new winner.
  • you must be willing to give me your address to ship to.
  • in the event that you win, you are allowed to gift your prize to a friend. this can be done openly, in which case i will contact them to work out the details of their charm, or as a surprise.
  • i will ship internationally! i live in canada, so any shipping to canada or the united states will come at no charge. if you live elsewhere in the world, we can work out the details depending on cost.
  • the winner will be selected by random number generator at 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time on october first.
  • october first is also my birthday. buying me presents will not win you any extra entries but it will make me flail excitedly in your general direction.

good luck, and once again, thank you all so much for being here.











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It’s called “Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No-Bullshit Guide to World Mythology”
By Cory O’Brien, and it looks highly entertaining. :D


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Sweet Fluffy Gods why is there not an audiobook version?

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